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Add more space for less money.

Through our home remodeling service, we turn a cramped house into a spacious one. Just give us a call if you are considering an addition, a full addition, a renovation, a sunroom, or a room transformation. By increasing your living space, we improve your life.

Every homeowner's dream is to have an extra space in his house, especially if it is small. More space increases the resale value of the house. That's because real estate buyers pay more for homes with ample built space than for empty rooms. Building an addition is a less expensive option than building a full addition. Smaller additions are more difficult to build, but you can always count on our experienced help. Forget about your worries. We have plenty of ideas to add more space to your home and make your vision come true. Our over 15 years of experience as a home remodeling contractor in San Jose, California, will be with you every step of the way when planning and building a bump-out project for you and your family. Trust in a stress-free renovation. We've got you covered!

A “bump-out” addition is a minor addition to a property that improves the living space square footage. These extensions are common in kitchens and bathrooms because they provide storage for essential items. You can make these changes in other rooms, and you might only need a window seat. Space is no longer a constraint!

The cost of a renovation service

When compared to a new building, home addition is less expensive. This is because when you add a new building to an existing home, there are already one or more walls constructed, saving you a lot of money on construction. As a result, home extensions are always less expensive to build than a new backyard development. Call us for your next home remodeling project.

Is it worth home remodeling?

When looking for renovation service ideas, remember your budget, house style, and, most importantly, your lifestyle. Building an addition is a terrific way to raise the value of your home. However, it also works wonders in transforming an uninspired home into something that everyone in the family will enjoy. For us, any dream, no matter how big or small, is worth realizing.

How does our home remodeling work?

The cost of the bump-out extension is less than that of new construction because no new foundations are required. After all, cantilever beams support the entire building. This sort of home extension extends to the sides or from the rear and front of the house. Our structural engineers, architects, planners, and interior designers will do the task. It might be a new kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, a new bedroom, etc.

How does our home remodeling work?

What room addition service would you like to enjoy? We have a team of dedicated experts ready to help you assess your home, your needs, and come up with the perfect solution. Allow us to present you with a unique addition to your home. Modern homes are compact, but that should not stop you from planning a well-designed addition or enlarging your living space.

When a renovation service is necessary?

If you feel claustrophobic, inadequate, and stifling in your home, it's time to call our renovation service team. Growing families need more space to pursue their regular activities. We help them do that by making innovative interior additions and repurposing unused space. To better meet the space needs in your home, we can perform these types of additions both indoors and outdoors.

We are your Home remodeling contractor in San Jose, California

Because we offer customized additions or room extensions for small homes, taking into account the amenities that are essential for the complete happiness of our customers. We also design, develop and expand the functional areas of the home with our state-of-the-art technology, increasing the resale value of every property we work with.

In home addition we focus on



Redesigning the house by extending the side or adding a new floor are creative options for home remodeling.



Transform empty or under-used spaces to increase the interior space of your home.



We redesigned the level distribution to widen rooms and gain space more efficiently.


Storerooms conversion

We turn disused storage spaces and separate compartments into fully equipped rooms.


Bump out

The size of a family increases as it grows. Building side bump-out expansions and adding space is a great solution.


Room addition

Make new guest rooms, living rooms, study areas, or bedrooms out of under-used attics and lofts.


At Better Remodeling We Focus on the Details



“I remodeled the attic that I had been using as a storage room, and it now looks fantastic. I met with three different companies for consultations before settling on Better Remodeling. They listened to what I wanted and worked within my budget (which wasn’t too vast). The attic now has a fantastic appearance. It was a small place, and I wasn’t expecting much. However, they turned it into a place that feels spacious, and homey, with conveniences I didn’t expect and all within my budget. I would suggest these guys to anyone.“


“Our project manager took care of all the details from the beginning. They never forced us to do things we did not intend to do. On the contrary, they simply suggested and considered methods to improve the look and style of the area. Even though I was abroad for a month, the Better Remodeling team sent me pictures of the work and materials. This kept me in the loop whenever needed. I am very happy with the result and will work with them again soon. Without a doubt!”


“We witnessed how Better Remodeling remodeled our next-door neighbor’s kitchen. That is why we call them. We needed a bump out addition, a new bedroom for two people that could expand into the backyard. Before, during, and after the job was completed, they addressed our queries. I have no reservations about recommending this company. They are highly professional and easy to work with. Thank you so much, guys. Simply the tops!”

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