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When you need more space for guests, a child’s room, or just a second or third car garage, it might be difficult to rationalize wasting a neglected space. Consider adding an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU) or a garage addition to give the area a new lease on life. Our home renovation service is there for you!

This additional room should meet your needs and blend in with the rest of your home’s construction and decor. At Better Remodeling, we know this business inside and out, thanks to more than 15 years of experience building and remodeling ADUs. Since then, we have specialized in jobs of all sizes, including additions and renovated garages to our client's specifications. We all know that garage conversions and room additions are sensational methods to increase the value of your home. On the other hand, ADU remodels are less expensive and less stressful than selling your house or buying a new one.

Our ADU remodeling experts will consider your design preferences and guide you through the entire process. As an experienced home remodeling contractor in San Jose, California, we'll help you create a functional ADU within your budget, from planning to material selection to the finished product. Our goal is to achieve complete satisfaction from those who trust us and hire us.

The cost of a well-done renovation service

The overall dimensions and floor plan of the garage to be converted into an ADU, as well as the materials to be used in construction, all play a role. At Better Remodeling, we consider all expenses associated with architecture, permits, and plan approvals, among other factors. A garage can cost as little as $100,000 depending on the size, dimensions, scope of the project, and extent of the work as described. Every project is special. Talk to us!

Is it worth home remodeling?

First of all, ADUs solve the problem of a residence's lack of space. You can turn your unused garage into a "self-contained" second home in the backyard, complete with all the necessary amenities. Second, it's a great opportunity to expand your living space, increase the resale value of the property, and even rent it out to generate a steady stream of cash. Building an additional living unit, whether connected or separate, is definitely worth the money.

How does our home remodeling work?

At Better Remodeling, we assess the current condition of your garage. We make sure the walls, roof, and foundation are strong enough to make the ADU you have built a safe place to live. The cost of converting an attached garage is less than converting a detached garage in the backyard. In either case, the result is a stylish and large living space with all the available amenities and features. Call our remodeling service team!

How does our home remodeling work?

We are the solution if you have a residence with space problems. Even though some modern and older homes have limited space, that should not stop you from thinking about the utility and esthetics of your home. By building an attached or detached ADU, our experts can help you expand your living space. Our one-of-a-kind 3D design program will show you how to make your vision a reality.

Do you want an ADU?

Call our renovation service. Okay, it's not that difficult. The cost depends on the size of the current garage and the project. From the first meeting with our interior designer and architect to the final delivery will take us nine to twelve months. However, since the base is already in place, except for the walls, floor and roof, a garage conversion can be done much faster. To make the garage usable, you only need to reinforce the existing walls and roof.

Call your new home remodeling contractor in San Jose, California!

Honestly put, we are well prepared for the job. Our team is ready to answer your questions, opinions, suggestions, and ideas. We keep you updated from beginning to end. We take your preferences with the utmost care, and we value your suggestions. Highly qualified experts also overseen management and operations. We always provide innovative house construction solutions. That is way!

We focus on


ADU design

A brand-new place that perfectly suits your needs while blending in with its surroundings.


ADU construction

You should know that garage conversion is a great way to increase your home’s value.


Garage ADU

A conversion saves money on the foundation, framing, and roofing aspects of the construction process because the garage already exists.


Garage conversion

It is worth investing in a semi-detached or detached housing unit that provides independent facilities for one or more people.



Make the most of that abandoned garage and turn it into a perfectly equipped office.


ADU addition

A warehouse or garage conversion adu is an excellent option to increase livable space to an existing home at a minimal cost.


At Better Remodeling We Focus on the Details


John and Olivia

“When they completed our ADU, we were very pleased with their professionalism, craftsmanship, and quality of work. They were always courteous and kept the site clean, both inside the addition and around the site. We cannot thank you enough for the excellent job you did on our project. We will continue to use your services in the future. Thank you so much!“

Jacob Kramer

“Over the years, I have worked with a variety of contractors. When I wanted to expand and completely remodel my garage, there was no doubt who I would call: Better Remodeling. Their ability to get the problems out of the way makes the difference between an average contractor and an outstanding contractor. I highly recommend them.”

Lori and Thomas.

“The Better Remodeling team brought our garage back to life, transforming it into an ADU with plenty of space and amenities. They offered helpful design suggestions and alternative options and made sure the final product was exactly what my wife and I wanted. Better Remodeling is a company we would recommend for any remodeling or construction project.”

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